I need to repair a mectron product, what should I do?

  • First of all contact a Mectron Service Centre, we will do our best to find a solution that doesn’t imply the delivery of the product. You can find us by web site (contact form), by mail (technicalsupport@remove-this.mectron.com), by phone (0039 0185 35361).
  • Make sure you have at hand serial number of the device and its purchase date. Our Service Centre could also ask you to send (via fax or e-mail) copy of the purchase invoice in order to open a new service ticket.

Where do I find the serial number (SN)?

  • Each unit and/or handpiece has a unique number identifying the part. Please see below table in order to find the serial number (SN) of the part you have:

PIEZOSURGERY® plus device

On the back of the unitLaser-marked416 XXX XXX

PIEZOSURGERY® flex device

Under the unit bodyLabel413 XXX XXX

PIEZOSURGERY® medical device

On the back of the unitLaser-marked401 XXX XXX

PIEZOSURGERY® medical+ handpiece

On the metal ring of the handpieceLaser-marked417 XXX XXX

PIEZOSURGERY® medical handpiece

On the metal ring of the handpieceLaser-marked408 XXX XXX

PIEZOSURGERY® medical-R handpiece

On the metal ring of the handpieceLaser-marked414 XXX XXX

How can I know if my product is covered by guarantee?

  • First of all check the purchase date on your reseller’s invoice. The guarantee starts from the day you started owing the product.
  • Within the European Union the so-called “legal guarantee” is valid for two years on any product purchased by private people. The legal guarantee is binding on the trader/reseller. In case the product has been purchased “for professional purposes” the Civil Code recognizes only one year warranty. Otherwise, you can refer to the so-called “commercial guarantee” whose terms are decided by the Manufacturer (Mectron) and are listed on each Use and Maintenance Manual sold with the device.

What is covered by guarantee?

  • The Manufacturer guarantee covers any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery, that is: material and manufacturing defects.
  • Any accessory or consumables are excluded by the guarantee terms, unless otherwise specified on the Use and Maintenance Manuals.

In which cases guarantee is not recognized?

The manufacturer guarantee and the product certification are not valid in the following cases:

  • The device is not used in accordance with the Intended Use for which it is foreseen;
  • The device is not used in compliance to all the instructions and precautions described in the Use and Maintenance Manual attached to each device;
  • The electrical system in the premises in which the device is used is not compliant to the norms in force and to the relative precautions;
  • The assembly operations, extensions, adjustments, updates, and repair works are performed by personnel not authorized by Mectron;
  • The environmental conditions for the preservation and storage of the device are not compliant to the precautions indicated in the described in the Technical Data Section of the Use and Maintenance Manual attached to each device;
  • Use of non-original Mectron inserts, accessories, and spare parts that can compromise correct device operation and cause harm to the patient;
  • Accidental breakage due to transport;
  • Damages due to incorrect use or negligence, or to connection to a power voltage other than the one foreseen;
  • Expired Guarantee.

Who do I contact when I need service?

  • You need to contact the reseller/trader by which you bought the product or a Mectron Service Centre by means of the above written channels.

How long can I wait before notifying a problem?

  • The notification must be given within 2 months from the day on which the defect has been discovered.

What should I do before sending the device for service?

  • Any part that needs to be sent for service needs to be clean. In case of parts with direct contact with patients, these need to be sterilized, left in the sterilization pouch and sent together with the sterilization report.
  • Please note: in the event that the Service Centre personnel receives parts that can be in contact with patients and that have not been correctly cleaned and sterilized, these parts will need to be sterilized at the moment of the goods receipt. This is made in order to assure the health safety on the work place (as foreseen by the Italian Legislative Decree 626/94 and by the Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments).

How can I send the device for service?

  • The product must be returned properly packaged in order to avoid any transport damage. If possible re-use the original product’s packaging.
  • The delivery must go with proper documentation. In case of need it is possible to use the transport document preset by Mectron, you can fill it in on-line by clicking here.
  • Always indicate the RMA number on the transport document. The RMA number is given to you by the Mectron personnel you contacted in order to agree the technical assistance.

What is an RMA number?

  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a part of the process of returning a product to the manufacturer for evaluation and repair. The RMA number identifies the repair process and allows you to monitor its progress at any time. All customers that have purchased a mectron product are entitled to repair services and may request a RMA number.
  • You can obtain the RMA number by contacting mectron by web site (contact form), by mail (technicalsupport@remove-this.mectron.com), by phone (0039 0185 35361).

Under the guarantee, can I demand a replacement if the product I bought is defective?

  • No, the reseller/manufacturer will decide what is most convenient and appropriate to be done. The repair is the first option to be considered and only in case this is not a viable option (because too expensive or cannot be performed within a reasonable time) the reseller/manufacturer can choose the product’s replacement with the same product, new or refurbished, or with a different product of the same value in case the defective one is not produced anymore.

The repaired product is covered by new guarantee?

  • Mectron guarantees the repair job for 6 months.

Once the device has been sent for service, do I get any info on the repair cost?

  • Of course. The Mectron Service Centre will send you a report on the found defect for each product you send and, if the case be, an estimated price for the repair.
  • In case the repair needs to be paid, the Mectron Service Centre will wait for your authorization to proceed.
  • In case the repair is free of charge, the Mectron Service Centre will immediately proceed with the repair.

Can I proceed with a in-house repair?

  • Unauthorized repair works may damage the system and make the warranty void, and absolve Mectron of any responsibility for direct or indirect harm to persons or damages to things.