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To improve patient’s lives through technological innovation.


We are professionals dedicated to becoming a global industry leader by developing innovative products of the highest quality. Our solutions deliver better clinical outcomes for healthcare professionals and patients alike. We strive to maximize our profitability and provide team members with a challenging and stimulating environment.


lnventiveness, Excellence, Accountability, Inclusiveness, Positivity



mectron has been active and successful in the dental field since 1979, developing and producing top-quality devices. 

The company has always stood out on the market for its continuous process of development and innovation and the excellent design of its products. Thanks to these qualities and to a sales network covering over eighty countries, mectron has earned itself a position of great prestige on International markets. 

When mectron introduced PIEZOSURGERY® in 2001, the technology was revolutionary for bone surgery: a device which provided precision, safety, perfect ergonomics and the highest quality to surgeons all around the world. Soon the new technology became the benchmark for bone surgery devices.

Once appreciated the intraoperative advantages obtained from the technology, mectron developed PIEZOSURGERY® medical, PIEZOSURGERY® flex and then PIEZOSURGERY® plus, which are today the best ultrasonic bone cutting devices for medical field.

Today more and more surgeons also discover the postoperative benefits brought by PIEZOSURGERY® devices and specifically faster and better bone healing, reduced postoperative pain, swelling and edema.

Day after day mectron continues to pursue the same philosophy of technical innovation and scientific research to which it owes its history.