If you need technical assistance with the machine, contact one of the Authorised Mectron Service Centres or your retailer. Do not attempt to repair or alter the device or its accessories.

Clean and sterilise all parts to be sent to an Authorised Mectron Service Centre according to the instructions given in the Cleaning and Sterilisation Manual supplied with the machine. Leave the sterilised parts in the packaging, procedure that confirms the sterilization process has been performed. These cleaning and sterilisation requests are in compliance with current requirements concerning the protection of health and safety in the workplace, as per Italian Legislative Decrees 626/94 and 81/08 as subsequently amended. If the customer should fail to comply with these requests, Mectron reserves the right to charge him for the costs of cleaning and sterilisation or to refuse any goods received in unsuitable condition, returning them to him, at his expense, for correct cleaning and sterilisation.

The device should be returned suitably packaged, together with all the accessories and a sheet bearing the following information:

  • Data of the hospital facility and contact person
  • Product name
  • Serial number and/or batch number
  • Reason for return/description of the malfunction
  • A photocopy of the consignment note or invoice from when the device was purchased.

WARNING: Packaging Package the device in its original packaging, as described in the picture, to avoid any damage during transport.

WARNING: For EXTRACEE customers only, send the material according to the instructions given in the ExtraCee Instructions downloaded from this web page.

Once the material has been received by the Authorised Mectron Service Centre, the qualified technical personnel will assess the situation. The repair will only be carried out upon acceptance by the end customer. For more details, contact your nearest Authorised Mectron Service Centre or retailer.

The Authorised Service Centre shall not be held liable for any devices returned without prior authorisation. Unauthorised repairs can damage the system and invalidate the warranty and in this case, Mectron shall refuse all liability for any direct or indirect damages or injuries caused to people or objects.

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